City Tattersalls Club New Logo

In our 125th Anniversary year we are proud to announce our new logo.

The following narrative provides some background on how the concept of the logo was conceived and created.


The horse has been a strong symbol for our Club and has been featured on most of its logos of the past. Which makes sense given our bookmaking and horse racing roots.

The horse embodies those long-recognised qualities of beauty, strength, speed, reliability and utility. It also harkens back to by-gone days when the horse was at the centre of most human endeavours.

Our Club has of course been about much more than horse racing for a very long time, but the horse remains an important part of our legacy.

City Tatts is now in its 125th anniversary year and is about to commence a wonderful redevelopment of the clubhouse and a development of its airspace and with this will come a complete change to our business model.

Soon our Club is to undergo an enormous and exciting change. The clubhouse will become a part of a shining, modern tower that will loom large above the CBD and change the city’s skyline.

So, it is right that our heroic but limited horse of our past is now transformed into a winged and golden steed in free flight, representing the boundless possibilities and high-flying aspirations for our Club of the future.

So, City Tatts’ horse finally has a name after 125 years. Mythology tells us that this winged beauty is Pegasus, a name that carries with it the promise of extraordinary capabilities and immortality.