City Tatts Fitness Centre Reopening 14th September

We had previously communicated to you that the gym will re-open on Wednesday the 9th of September. Although we are not in a position to open this Wednesday as anticipated, I am pleased to confirm that our City Tatts Gym will re-open next Monday 14th  of September, albeit it will be a little different from when we closed.

Over the past two weeks we have received valuable feedback from Members, NSW Health and staff, noting a number of operational improvements we should consider before re-opening the gym.  I would like you to know that some Members have even suggested the full shutdown of the gym until the COVID threat has past.

To say that arriving at a decision was not an easy task, is definitely an understatement.  We have considered and reflected on all feedback received.  We have risk assessed various options, including the possible full closure of the gym and ultimately, we have decided to re-open the gym with restrictions recommended by NSW Health, our Members and, even family Members and friends of gym Members who wrote to us with suggestions.

I am totally aware that some of the restrictions noted below will not be welcomed by all Members.  I can anticipate that some Members may even think we have taken much away from them, but it is important that we remember that the adjustments we must now make are only implemented with the safety of our Members in mind and are a direct result of this virus changing the way we live and how we do things.

As of Monday the 14th of September, our Gym will operate for the remainder of the year with the following restrictions;

  1. A freeze on Gym Membership is now in place until further notice.
  2. Only levels 3 and 4 will be available, giving Members the opportunity to use the cardio equipment on level 3 and the strength equipment on level 4.
  3. The Sauna and Steam Room facilities on level 4 will NOT be available until we are certain Members can make use of these facilities in a safe and responsible manner.  We will review the possible re-opening of these facilities in January 2021.
  4. The Pool and Spa will be available for use under the strict guidelines recommended by NSW Health. NO departure from these guidelines will be tolerated. Any departure by any Members will result in the immediate suspension of gym membership and if warranted, the subsequent initiation of disciplinary proceedings under the Club’s rules.
  5. Until NSW Health instructs otherwise, Members will not be able to spend more than a total of 2 hours per session at the gym inclusive of changing time. Times will be monitored and Members overstaying their 2 hour session will be asked to leave.  This will be reviewed in January 2021.
  6. The Unisex change rooms on Level 4, just off the wet area will now be a dedicated Male change room.  The showers on level 4 will remain for male Members.  This will allow for social distancing for the larger number of male gym Members compared to female Members.
  7. The gym will have two thorough sanitising shut-down periods every day, the first one taking place between 10:30am-11:00am and the second between 3.00pm- 3:30pm.  No Member will be allowed to train during these periods.
  8. In addition to the above, Members will continue to be required to wipe down equipment before and after every use. The Club will invest in additional disinfecting wipes, sensor driven hand sanitising units throughout the levels, and disinfecting sprays for Members to use.
  9. A dedicated COVID Marshall will be allocated to the gym, which is in addition to the existing number of COVID Marshalls currently in place in the Club.
  10. All group exercise classes will be cancelled until January 2021 when they will be reassessed.
  11. The spin room on level 2 will no longer be available until further notice.
  12. The Gadigal Room will be closed indefinitely.
  13. Members failing to swipe their membership on entry (both at reception and at the Gym) will have their gym membership immediately cancelled.  This may sound harsh, but we cannot take the risk of compromising an effective contact tracing process.

Knowing that some Members will be disappointed with the restrictions, in particular the removal of group exercise classes, we have managed to arrange for any interested “Existing City Tatts’ Gym Member” to visit the World Gym at Castlereagh Street ( ) and experience that gym’s offering for a week trial at no charge.

From there, any City Tatts Member wanting to change gyms and train at the World Gym instead will be able to do so at the same rate payable at City Tatts for the remainder of their membership year.  Any further renewals will be managed directly with the World Gym at Castlereagh Street.  This offer is for a limited time only and expires at the end of September 2020.

Members wanting to take this opportunity are encouraged to write to me via email at  I will immediately arrange for a trial pass to be activated for you and if you are wanting to take advantage of the offer, we can initiate the transfer immediately.

I reiterate that we do not like having to introduce these measures, but they are in a direct response to the COVID threat facing us all and are done with the safety of all Members in mind. Like you, we are hoping that the restrictions can be lifted in the not too far distant future.

Thank you for your continuing cooperation.


As mentioned in an earlier email, gym membership charges have been suspended from August 26th and for the whole of September.  They will recommence again on the following dates:

  • Weekly payments plan on Wednesday October 7th 2020
  • Monthly payments plan on Friday October 16th 2020
  • Advance Annual Gym payment, will have a 31 day extension added on

Marcelo A.Veloz
Chief Executive Officer