Committee Elections

View and download a copy of the Committee Nominations Result, for the 2017 Elections.

Pursuant to the Club’s Rules, notice is hereby given that nominations for election of:
• Chairman;
• Vice Chair;
• Treasurer and
• Six (6) members of the Committee

will be received by the Returning Officer, Ms Ema Esteves up to 5.00pm on Friday, 28 April 2017 (the Closing Time).
Nominations may be posted to PO Box 42, Kingsgrove NSW 1480; or faxed on (02) 9150 7662. Under the Rules if the Club:

• nominations must be in writing in the form approved by the Committee (an approved nomination form is available by
request from the Secretary at the Club’s premises) or from the Returning Officer; and

• the election will take place by way of postal ballot, with the required papers to be posted by the Returning Officer to each Voting Member after the Closing Time; and

• a Voting Member, who has paid the Club all monies payable as the Closing Time (please note this includes all outstanding Membership subscription fees), is entitled one vote in the election.

These notices are issued pursuant to resolution of the Committee of the club.

Marcelo Veloz
Chief Executive Officer
City Tattersalls Club