Patrick Campion, Chairman, Magazine May-July Edition

It has come to our attention that the last paragraph of the Treasurer’s Report, which forms part of the Club’s Annual Report for 2012, printed in the hardcopy version of the May – July 2013 edition of the Club magazine, contains a couple of ‘date’ errors.

The last paragraph of the Treasurers report should read as follows (corrected dates in bold):

Members wishing to ask questions regarding the 2012 Financial Report at the Annual General Meeting on 21st May 2013 must submit their questions in writing to the Chief Executive Officer/Secretary by 5pm on 14th May 2013. Members wishing to obtain a full copy of the 2012 Financial Report are asked to contact the Secretary’s office during business hours.

The Notice of Meeting for the AGM, also printed in the May – July 2013 edition of the Club magazine, refers to the correct dates.

The errors only appear in the Treasurer’s Report printed in hard copy versions of the Club magazine.  The errors have been corrected on all electronic copies of the Treasurer’s Report.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Patrick Campion


City Tattersalls Club