The City Tattersalls Foundation (CTC Foundation) was established in
2021 aiming to achieve the following three primary objectives.


Advancing culture, including by:

Operating a museum to exhibit the history of the City Tattersalls Club and the heritage-listed buildings located at 194, 198-200 and 202-204 Pitt Street, Sydney New South Wales (Buildings);
Caring for and protecting the historical and cultural significance of the Buildings;

Engaging in activities within the community to support and share the culture and history of the City Tattersalls Club and its Buildings;

Curating historical assets of the City Tattersall’s Club and recording their importance and cultural significance for the future generations; and

Creating opportunities for people to access information relating to the City Tattersall’s Club, its members and the evolution of the Buildings since 1895 from an architectural and design perspective.


Addressing social and public welfare issues in the CBD

Advancing social and public welfare to relieve poverty, including by:
Engaging with the City of Sydney Council and other organisations to address the social impacts of homelessness;

Conducting campaigns to raise volunteers among the City Tattersalls Club Members and the general public who are willing to partake in activities in the community to address the social issues of homelessness;
andconducting fundraising activities and campaigns to raise money to be applied towards assisting people suffering homelessness; and engaging in activities to relieve the impact of homelessness; and




Education / Scholarships:

Advancing education, including by:
Developing scholarships and/or bursaries with educational entities to assist students to access tertiary education.

Conducting fundraising activities and campaigns to raise money to be applied towards funding scholarships

Operating the museum as described in Advancing Culture objective to educate the public on the development and history of the City Tattersalls Club and its Buildings,

Animal welfare in particular retired racehorses

Advancing animal welfare, including by:
Supporting the efforts of Team Thoroughbreds NSW who are committed to the welfare of retired racehorses by providing care facilities that enable thoroughbreds to be retrained and rehomed and providing short-term direct care to animals (but not only native wildlife) that have been lost or mistreated or are without owners



About Us

The City Tattersalls Foundation was established in 2021 with a view to actively raise funds to support the following four key strategic objectives:

Advancing culture in our city and beyond | Addressing social and public welfare issues in our city
Assisting the less fortunate in our State to obtain tertiary education
Assisting animal welfare and specifically the proper treatment of retired racehorses

The City Tattersalls Foundation is independent to the City Tattersalls Club and has its own Board of Directors.