City Tatts 125th and Christmas Celebration

On Saturday night your City Tatts honoured the tremendous contribution to the Club made by fourteen of our Members and inducted them as our first Legends of the Club.

Our Newly inducted Legends are:

  1. Ricky McVicar
  2. Bill Hurly
  3. John Lawler
  4. Charles Anscombe
  5. Kevin Smith
  6. Matt Kayrooz
  7. Keith Free
  8. Brian Adams
  9. Patrick Campion
  10. James Chen
  11. John Healy (d)
  12. Linda Fitzhardinge
  13. Carl Melvey (d)

During the night the Club also award Ricky McVicar the Clubs first John Healy ‘Club and Community Trophy’.


Legends Video

Legends Speech

Welcome and Life Member Speech

Club and Community Award Speech