Lockout Laws Lifted for the Club and CBD

City Tattersalls Club reopens our doors past 1.30am for the first time in six years. Since the controversial lockout laws were implemented into Sydney CBD and surrounding areas in February 2014, CTC Members and guests could not enter the Club after 1.30am despite the Club having an unrestricted license.

With the new changes to the CBD Legislation that occurred on January 14th 2020, CTC doors can now remain open for Members and guests to enjoy. The Cease of Alcohol remains in place from 3.00am – 5.00am, however, the usage of polyethylene cups are no longer required to be used.

The NSW Government will monitor and review these changes in 12 months’ time. RSA Laws are enforced by the Club. Please drinks responsibly.

See below links to the recent CBD lockout changes on ABC News