Patrick Campion, Chairman’s Message June 2017

Welcome to the new-look City Tatts Magazine. We hope you enjoy the fresh format, as we embark on an exhilarating new era for our Club.
We look back on our rich history and look forward to an exciting future. We welcome feedback on its content. We are amenable to content submissions from members for consideration in the Spring Issue.
If any members would like additional printed copies for their place of business or elsewhere, please let us know and we will be delighted to provide them.

Winter is upon us. Members should be considering a trip to Boonoona Ski Lodge in the Perisher Valley, and there has never been a better time to take the family away to create some treasured memories. Managers, Matt and Luanne have done a sterling job over the years, and their newly extended family would be thrilled to have yours in the Lodge.

The new season can also be an excellent starting point for your fitness journey. Our Winter Issue cover story features one of our valued and popular members of the Ladies Fitness Centre. Sam Jones’ tale of accomplishing remarkable objectives against the backdrop of a debilitating disease is truly inspirational. With this firmly in mind, the Club is launching the EMERGE program, which is open to all members of our Men’s and Ladies Fitness Centres.

Over a ten-week period, the City Tatts Fitness Team will educate, motivate and accompany participants along a transformative journey, one that is tailored to their specific health and wellbeing goals. It is an enormously exciting and positive project which will involve fundraising for charities. I whole-heartedly encourage members to get involved.

Meanwhile, you will be aware that the Club’s Airspace Stage 1 Development Application was recently the subject of a hearing in the Land and Environment Court. It commenced on Monday 1 May 2017 and concluded on Thursday 4 May 2017. While a decision will not be made by the Court until June 2017 at the earliest, we look forward to receiving a positive outcome for our Club, members and our City.

Our Joint Venture Partner (ICD Property and Sinclair Brook) engaged the services of a formidable legal team and expert witnesses in the fields of Town Planning, Heritage, Traffic Engineering and Structural Engineering. A very good case was presented to the Court showing how our important heritage will be preserved and adapted into the new development and how traffic issues would be managed.

If a Stage 1 DA approval is granted by the Court, we will continue to work with Council in realising an amazing project and will work to ensure the right design brief is compiled for a competitive design process, prior to the detailed development of Stage 2 DA.

Thank you for your continued interest in this exciting journey, and I look forward to sharing our updates with our members as further developments occur.

In other news, there is plenty happening throughout the Club, from the new Winter Menu in Zest, to new food and beverage promotions and live entertainment offerings to suit all tastes. We are delighted to announce a new membership offer, with a three-year option available (for Gold Members) now at $140, and a three-year for $10 social membership launching in tandem. In addition, as a reward to our loyal and valued Gold Members, the Board has approved reduced Fitness Centre membership rates. After careful consideration, we have also decided to open up Fitness Centre Membership options to Social members. You can find full details on page 5 of this issue.

The recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) was well attended. Members asked some well considered questions in relation to the 2016 financial report and airspace development was the matter for discussion. Thanks to all those members who attended and contributed to the meeting.

At the AGM, it was resolved that 170 members be made Life Members this year. In that regard, please note that from 2018 no subscription fee will be payable by Life Members.

I hope this Winter Issue briefs you well. Enjoy the new look magazine, and I look forward to your feedback.

Patrick Campion
City Tattersalls Club