Patrick Campion, Chairman’s Message November 2012

Trading Update
Trading conditions are still tight, but the Club continues to reduce debt and to meet all Bank covenants.  Cash-flow continues to be actively managed on a day by day basis.

I encourage members to support the Club over this Christmas/New Year quarter so that we finish the year on a strong note.

Recent Publicity
The August newspaper articles concerning our Club were rejected by most members who have provided feedback.  The support for our Club following the publications was overwhelming and I thank you for it.  The week following the publications was the busiest in the Club for years as members flocked in to show their support.  The many letters and comments I received all supported the Committee, Management and our staff.

Report on Annual Planning Conference
For those who may not have seen it, I published a Chairman’s Message Update on the Club’s website and relating to the Planning Conference that happened in September.  I commend that Update to you.

As I mentioned in that Update, I propose to publish further updates from time to time to keep members abreast of important issues.  I encourage members to check the Club website for updates throughout 2013.

In my prior messages, I have advised that the Committee has undertaken preliminary investigations into how the Club might best develop and take advantage of its airspace asset.  All investigation results have been positive so far and we have reached the point where, if we are to keep this initiative moving forward, on the advice of Colliers we must seek clarification by Sydney City Council in regards to the essential planning elements affecting any proposed development.  To achieve this we must spend some money (up to $100,000) to obtain a Pre-Development Application advice from the Sydney City Council.  Colliers advise that it is in the Club’s best interest to obtain this advice from the Council prior to any discussions with potential development partners.

Before proceeding to obtain the Pre-DA advice, the Committee wants to let members know exactly where our investigations have taken us so far and what is being proposed for the purpose of the Pre-DA submission.  While the Committee is empowered under the Club Rules to authorise the expenditure of funds to obtain a Pre-DA Application advice from the Sydney City Council, we are particularly interested in members’ views and feedback before that decision is made.

We therefore intend to hold an informal meeting at 6:00pm in the Celebrity Lounge on Tuesday 4 December 2012 and I invite all interested members to attend.

Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) Inquiry
In my August statement to members, I reported that owing to further agitation by a few members, the OLGR had instigated a further inquiry into the remuneration arrangements for senior executives, including the CEO.

The Committee received written advice from the independent Tax Accountant RSM Bird Cameron confirming that the salary sacrifice arrangements offered to the senior executives is not a loan to them.  The advice is entirely consistent with previous advice received from RSM Bird Cameron and is supportive of the Club’s position on this issue.  The advice has been forwarded to the OLGR as part of the Club’s continuing co-operation with the inquiry.

The OLGR has also recently served notices to provide information and documents on RSM Bird Cameron and the Club’s Auditor, KPMG.  Both of those organisations have forwarded documents and information to the OLGR in response to the notices. The information forwarded by RSM Bird Cameron again confirms that the salary sacrifice arrangements offered to the senior executives are not loans to them.

We had hoped that this matter could be quickly finalised, but that has not been the case.  The Club is now waiting to hear from the OLGR as to the matters raised.  Whilst the Club is hopeful of a determination soon, it remains to be seen whether the OLGR will require further information before the matter is finalised.

2013 Membership Renewals
As you will be aware, the renewal period is upon us.

As a valued Gold, Silver or Life Member renew before 30 November 2012 and you will receive a $25.00 dining voucher to use in either the Esperanto Dining Room or Zest Restaurant.  Social Members are welcome to upgrade to Gold or Silver memberships to receive this offer.  Conditions apply.

Renewing your membership is easy, just go to  Your membership form also allows you to select if you wish to continue to receive your quarterly magazine via the post.  City Tattersalls Club is dedicated to being environmentally friendly and sending the quarterly magazine electronically to members allows the Club to introduce a very cost effective measure.  I encourage members to opt to receive the magazine electronically.

Member Get Member Offer
Take advantage of the new Gold Membership offer with your family and friends!

As a 2013 member, simply introduce a new Gold Member to join the Club and you will receive a $55.00 City Tattersalls Club gift voucher to spend within the Club.  This offer is only available from 1 December 2012 – 31 January 2013.  Refer to page 2 in the magazine for more details.

When joining a new Gold Member for $70.00 the new member receives a $100.00 gift voucher to use within the Club and one (1) month FREE Fitness Centre Membership.  Please see our website or talk to our friendly customer service staff for full details. Conditions apply.

Boonoona Ski Lodge
As stated in the Chairman’s Message Update, the occupancy at Boonoona Ski Lodge for the 2012 Ski Season was the worst to date, even though the skiing conditions were the best in the past decade.

As a result, Management has identified that the City Tattersalls Club skier database is no longer large enough to secure the required occupancy during the ski season.  Over the past 5 years the ballot has been undersubscribed and the occupancy levels have continued to decline.

As the Club has invested large capital expenditure in upgrading the facilities, adding bed licences and extending the lease at the Lodge, it is imperative that the Club now takes advantage of the Perisher website, in order to attract more skiers (and possibly more Club members).

City Tattersalls Club Members will be provided with a member friendly rate and an exclusive booking period from 14 November 2012 until 14 January 2013.

After this period, members may still book directly using the City Tattersalls Club website however, all remaining room nights will be listed online through the Perisher website.  All rates advertised through the Perisher website will include a Gold Club Membership to ensure Boonoona Ski Lodge remains a member’s only amenity.

For the 2013 Ski Season, changes will be as follows:

Ballot System
There will no longer be a ballot system for members to book accommodation at the Lodge.
All member reservations will be made through the City Tattersalls Club website or the Customer Service Team and bookings will be confirmed within one (1) working day.

Ski Season Prices
The Ski Season will now include low, shoulder and high periods and only one (1) rate will apply for children aged between 3 – 17 y/o. When booking within the Member exclusive period a non-refundable holding deposit of $50.00 per adult will be required at the time of booking, with a further 50% deposit required by 14 January 2013.  Any booking made after this period will require a 50% deposit, made within 7 days of booking.  Full payment is required 45 days prior to arrival.

Room Configuration
Boonoona Ski Lodge has 14 rooms with 50 bed licences. There will now be a minimum per person base applied to each room to ensure we maximise occupancy throughout the season. Room configurations will range from a minimum of 2 – 4 guests per room.

Booking Cancellation Periods
The booking cancellation period for members has been increased from 30 days to  45 days prior to arrival due to the Club not being able to resell accommodation within the 30 day period.  All bookings made through the Perisher Valley website will be subject to a 60 day cancellation policy.  We encourage members to take out travel insurance to cover any last minute cancellations within the 45 day period.
Full details regarding new rates, room configurations, holding deposits and booking cancellation policies will be available on the City Tattersalls Club website from 14 November 2012.

We appreciate your support and hope you value the benefits provided to you as a member.  Please book your Boonoona Ski Lodge experience between 14 November 2012 and 14 January 2013 to ensure your accommodation is secured.

Men’s Fitness Centre Reconfiguration
After research being undertaken and feedback from members, it has been identified that the Men’s Fitness Centre does not offer the variety of group fitness classes which is critical to today’s market offering.  I am pleased to advise that, in January 2013, the Club will be implementing the following changes to the Men’s Fitness Centre:

1st Floor

  • New floor covering of the Fitness Centre entrance.
  • Maintenance of the lockers within the change room.
  • Relocating the Manager’s office to the Massage Room and vice versa for easier access to the Manager.  This also allows the massage room to be more conducive and private for members’ benefit.


  • Relocation of the current room layout to include all existing equipment and introducing a themed area focussing primarily on boxing.
  • Implementing new wall mounted cardio boxing equipment and freestanding punching bags plus other equipment to allow for a new group boxing class workout.
  • Cycle classes to be introduced which will be located in a dedicated carpeted room with noise control, lighting and music.  This room will be situated in what is currently the third racquetball court.

The Club discussed the introduction of the cycle classes with the Racquetball Subsidiary Club before making any decision.

I urge all Fitness Centre members to try the new cycle classes.  I have been informed that these classes are fantastic for shaping and toning your lower body and increasing the fitness level with low impact intensity.

There will be no changes to the current classes or times, inclusive of the racquetball schedule.  Official classes will now be offered Monday to Friday every morning and every evening with the new classes being implemented upon completion of the new work.  All work is scheduled to commence in early January 2013 and be completed by late January 2013 allowing for the least amount of inconvenience to members.

At no time during the work period will the Fitness Centre close.  However, access to the entrance will be relocated for a short period of time to allow the work to take place.  It is anticipated that minor inconvenience may occur to the Basement area in the early part of January along with some restriction of the racquetball courts reduced to only one in use for 3 weeks while the work is undertaken.

A schedule of all works will be displayed in the Fitness Centre area in late December 2012.  If members have any questions, please contact the Fitness Centre Manager.

I also advise that a Life Member, Mr Harold Cadell who passed away in May 2012, has left the Club $4,000 in his Will to be used in the Fitness Centre.  Mr Cadell was a regular in the Fitness Centre particularly in the boxing section.  The Committee have decided to put the $4,000 towards the cost of the renovations and to have a plaque installed in the new boxing area acknowledging Harold’s generosity.

Last but not least, the Committee have decided to name the two (2) Racquetball Courts after Mr John Healy (Court 1) and Mr Kevin Smith (Court 2) in recognition of their dedication to the Fitness Centre and to racquetball.

Ladies Fitness Centre Upgrade
In October 2012, the City Tattersalls Club upgraded a section of the Ladies Fitness Centre by purchasing new Keiser bikes and including 3 additional cycle classes to the class time table.

Employees of the 2nd Quarter 2012
The employees of the 2nd Quarter 2012 have been named.  The winners for the Front and Back of House quarter were:
Front of House – Ms Emma Heseltine
Back of House – Mr Paul Jennings

I congratulate the winners and all other employees who received nominations for these awards.

City Tattersall’s Club – Race Day
On Saturday 20 October 2012, the City Tattersall’s Club held its annual Race Day at Randwick Race Course with all attendees having a great day.

As stated in the September 2012 Advice to Members, I will report to members later in the year or early next year whether the Club has been able to reach an agreement with the Australian Turf Club for future years.

Club Grants
The Club Grants presentation was held on Wednesday 29 August 2012.  This year there were 43 successful charities receiving a total of $412,361 with the City Tattersalls Club donating $281,511 through the Local Committee and a further $99,622 donated through the Club Committee.

Further particulars of the donations can be found on the community pages of this magazine.

I take this opportunity to wish all members a wonderful Christmas, good health and prosperity in 2013.

Patrick Campion


City Tattersalls Club